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Produce harvested in a community garden can be sold in a Community Co-Op market on the corner of Shirley Street and Fairmount Avenue.

Tenants of the residential property can subsidize leasing cost by providing services for the community center and its recreational components.

Teaching kitchen will provide meals for community members who enroll with sponsorship or subscription to the Community Meal Program.

Cobble stone conceals kinetic energy harvesters that will supplement power to the playing field while slowing traffic through the “Play Zone.”

Rain water is absorbed by green roofing and roof gardens on larger buildings, while permeable paving stores run off in underground cisterns for playing field and landscape irrigation.

Weather station, science lab, library and interactive surface tables allows community members to add or alter the Digital Community Board on Fairmount Ave.


Sustainable, Housing, Mixed Income, Recreation Center, Baseball field, Tennis, Basketball, Swimming pool, Green Roof